Jutland 1916

Jutland 1916

Twelve Hours To Win The War

It was now just after 4pm on the afternoon of 31 May 1916, and British and German battlecruisers were locked in battle. This was not their baptism of fire – they had met before – but this clash was different. The fight was on a larger scale, it was more frenetic, and it was certainly more deadly.
Nobody is alive today who was there that afternoon, but the drama, the excitement and the fear of the moment is palpable - captured in the writing of those who were present.

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Jutland 1916:

Twelve Hours To Win The War

Using a narrative approach, Jutland 1916 - Twelve Hours that Decided the Great War tells the story of the Battle of Jutland, the greatest naval clash of the First World War. Drawing on a wealth of first-hand accounts, some of which were previously unknown, it weaves a highly original narrative, which intertwines original research, into a fast-paced account of the fighting. This is the only book on the battle to use a narrative thread to tell the story from both the British and German perspectives and will provide a fresh perspective on this decisive battle.

Jutland 1916 by Aurum Press will be published on 19 May in the UK

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'Everyone interested in the battle, for whatever reason, would do well to read this engaging book'
Sunday Times

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Baclbeard by Angus Konstam

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