New Projects

'Fitting Out'

This selection of titles are in the process of, to quote a nautical term, 'fitting out'. That is they have been written but are awaiting a publication date

HG-76 Taking the Fight to Hitler's U-boats

The Convoy

HG-76: Taking the Fight to Hitler's U-boats.
The Convoy represents a fresh approach to the story of the Battle of the Atlantic. It is also the first to deal with the more spectacular story of HG-76, a major turning point in the naval war. HG-76 sailed from Gibraltar to Britain in December 1941 and was specially targeted by the Germans. A wolfpack of U-boats was sent against it, and the Luftwaffe was heavily committed too in a rare example of German inter-service cooperation. German intelligence agents in Gibraltar and Spain also knew every detail of HG-76 before it had even sailed, seemingly stacking the odds in favour of the Kriegsmarine.

Released Sept 2023

Hunt The Bismark

Mutiny on the Spanish Main

Mutiny on the Spanish Main tells the dramatic story of HMS Hermione, a British frigate which, in 1797, was the site of the bloodiest mutiny in British naval history, which saw the death of her captain and many of her officers. Though her crew handed her over to the Spanish, Hermione was subsequently recaptured in a daring raid on a Caribbean port two years later. Drawing on letters, reports, ship's logs and memoirs of the period, as well as previously unpublished Spanish sources, intertwining extensive research with a fast-paced but balanced account of the mutiny and its consequences.

Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Osprey Publishing

Released Oct 2020


North Cape 1943

North Cape 1943: The Sinking of the Scharnhorst

The German battleship Scharnhorst had a reputation for being a lucky ship. Early in the war she fought off a British battlecruiser and sunk a carrier, before carrying out two successful forays into the Atlantic. In the spring of 1943, the Scharnhorst was redeployed to Norway. There, working in concert with other German warships such as the battleship Tirpitz, she posed a major threat to the Arctic Convoys, the Allied sea lifeline to Russia. Over the next six months she made two forays into the Barents Sea, but saw no action, save for the shelling of Spitzbergen. However, her presence, alongside Tirpitz, forced the British to tie down ships in Arctic waters.

Released Nov 2020

'On the Stocks'

The following titles are books that are currently works-in-progress & the drawing board.

worst convoy

The Murmansk Run: The Arctic Convoys

This major new book tells the story of the Arctic Convoys - that vital wartime supply route between Britain and Russia, and the men who took part in the operation, or tried to stop them. The crews of these merchant ships and their naval escorts were exposed to everything the German war machine could throw at them, from air and U-boat attacks to forays by surface ships, including the battleship Tirpitz. As if this wasn't enough, ships steaming through Arctic waters were often exposed to mountainous seas, ice, snow and often near-perpetual darkness. It is little wonder that this convoy route was once described by Churchill as "the worst journey in the world". Drawing on a wealth of previously unpublished first-hand accounts, this book weaves their tale into a narrative that is both spellbinding and shocking.

150,000 words, with maps and illustrations

Publisher and publication date still not finalised