Recent titles

Recent titles

Angus is the author of over sixty books. Recent titles include, There was a Soldier (selected as Waterstone's Scottish Book of the Month for June 2009), the critically acclaimed Sovereigns of the Sea, Piracy: The Complete History, and Blackbeard, his well-received biography of the notorious pirate.

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Angus is available for lectures and speaking engagements. These have taken him all over the world, blah lorum blah ipsum, piracy, parrots & powder.

Blackbeard's Last Fight

Recent release

Blackbeard's Last Fight: Pirate Hunting in North Carolina, 1718

This book tells the dramatic story of the operation mounted to rid the world of Edward Teach, the notorious pirate in the Americas infamously known as Blackbeard.

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Edinburgh International Book Festival


Angus will be appearing at this year's Edinburgh International Book Festival, held in Edinburgh's Charlotte Square this August. He'll be speaking alongside historian Michael Fry, where the two will discuss their latest Scottish history books - Bannockburn and A New Race of Men

The event is called Using the Past to Glimpse the Future, and both historians will argue that the periods covered in their books defined Scotland a nation. That idea of nationhood is now being put to the test, and so the events of the past are supremely relevant to Scots as they try to define their own national sense of identity. Interestingly Michael is an advocate of Scottish independence, while Angus prefers Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom. While the two are unlikely to come to blows, it does promise to be a lively debate! 

Using the Past to Glimpse the Future begins at 4pm on Wednesday 20th August, in the RBS Garden Theatre. 

Tickets are available from the EIBF Box Office -  or (0845) 373-5888