Public speaking

In his capacity as one of the world's leading experts on piracy, Angus has made dozens of television appearances. He has also appeared in other capacities, as a military and naval historian, and as a writer.

Angus has also given several press and radio interviews, discussing piracy then and now, his life as a writer, or various aspects of military or naval history, or the history of piracy.

On television his engaging style of delivery helps engage the viewer, while at the same time Angus delivers the goods in terms of hard, honest facts.

Angus makes regular public appearances, giving talks and lectures on a range of historical topics. He has delivered these at a range of events, from small gatherings to full-scale conferences. He also makes frequent appearances at book festivals and history events. Angus sees this as a way of reaching out to audiences, and a tool to promote many of the historical arguments which form the backbone of his writing.

Angus talking about Black Sails

lecture in Italy

If you wish to approach Angus to discuss his involvement in a project, then please either contact him through his agent Andrew Lownie, or e-mail him directly.