Naval Miscellany

Other Publications

This is a further selection of titles from Angus' career. This is in addition to his co-authored work and his contributions to the Historical Atlas series.

  • Pirates: Predators of the Seas
  • The British Sailor of the Second World War
  • PT Boat Squadrons: US Navy Torpedo Boats (Spearhead series)
  • Hunt the Bismarck  (Great Naval Battles series)
  • Ancient World Commanders, from the Trojan War to the Fall of Rome
  • Ghost Ships: Tales of Abandoned, Doomed & Haunted Vessels
  • Civil War Ghost Stories
  • The Pocket The Pocket Book of Civil War Weapons, from Small Arms to Siege Artillery
  • The Pocket Book of Civil War Battle Sites, from Manassas to Atlanta
  • Naval Miscellany read more
  • Ship Spotter's Guide
  • Warships, from the Galley to the Present Day (with Leo Marriot & George Grant)
  • Merchants (America Speaks Series)
  • The Civil War: A Visual Encyclopaedia (Editor & Major Contributor)